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  • What are the configuration requirements of HL Solids Control System
    The solids control system determines the equipment selected according to the drilling depth. The selection of equipment for the same well depth in different regions is also different, but not very different. Generally, we choose according to the model of the drilling rig, from ZJ20-ZJ90, under norma
  • How do you use a mud gun?
    As a special equipment, the mud gun needs to be operated according to the design requirements to ensure its effectiveness and safety.The choice of installation location is important, and it should be as close to the transmission source as possible to reduce the length of the input section and input
  • What does a mud cleaner do?
    Mud cleaners play a key role in the drilling fluid solids control system. It is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the drilling fluid and remove these solid particles from the drilling fluid to maintain the stability and performance of the drilling fluid. The following are the main funct
  • The main technical parameters of the HCSQ250 desander
    HCSQ250 desander is a secondary solid control equipment used in drilling fluid solid phase control system, it is a combination of cyclone desander and vibrating screen. The design of the cyclone desander is based on the principle of particle settling. A certain pressure and velocity are generated by
  • The role of drilling fluid desilter
    Drilling fluid desilter is an important part of the three-stage mud purification equipment for drilling fluid, and it is often used in combination with the shale shaker. Mainly use 5-inch and 4-inch hydrocyclones, whose function is to separate solid particles in the drilling fluid with a particle si
  • The working principle of the drilling fluid cooling system
    The working principle of the drilling fluid cooling system is to extract the hot mud in the mud tank through the sand pump and discharge it to the spray system of the cooling tank. The electric fan in the cooling tank forcibly sucks the external cold air into the tank, so that the hot mud is sprayed
  • HMM mud mixing system
    HMM mud mixing system is a special equipment used to prepare mixing mud, which plays an important role in geological drilling, oil drilling and trenchless pipeline construction and other fields. The HMM mud mixing system adopts the principle of jet mixing and impeller mixing, which can fully mix the
  • Drilling cuttings dryer is the core equipment of oil-based mud treatment system
    Mud produced during drilling operations is an unavoidable by-product of the drilling process. The traditional way of disposal is usually to excavate the waste drilling mud into the mud pool, which not only wastes resources, but also causes environmental pollution. The oil-based mud treatment system
  • What is the function of the shear mixing device?
    The main purpose of the shear mixing device is to prepare or increase the total volume of drilling fluid and modify its properties, such as density, viscosity, and fluid loss, in the petroleum drilling solid control system. This device introduces drilling fluid materials (such as bentonite, barite p
  • After the drilling ignition device controller is turned on, the ignition device does not ignite
    Reasons:1. Battery is discharged.2. Output fuse is blown.3. Cables or ignition connection wires are broken.4. The ignition device might be faulty.5. The ignition electrode is damaged.6. Loose connection in the high-voltage wires.Mismatched model (or serial number) between the ignition controller and
  • The oilfield mud pump spray system is a crucial component
    The oilfield mud pump spray system is a crucial component in the petroleum drilling process, mainly composed of spray pump, cooling water tank, and spray pipes. Its function is to provide necessary cooling and flushing to the cylinder liner and piston, thereby increasing the service life of these co
  • Precautions for using electronic igniters?
    Precautions for using electronic ignitersElectronic igniters are crucial equipment used in the oilfield drilling industry. To ensure their proper functioning and safe usage, it is important to observe the following precautions:1. Never activate the ignition switch when the high-voltage ignition cabl
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