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What does a mud cleaner do?

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Mud cleaners play a key role in the drilling fluid solids control system. It is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the drilling fluid and remove these solid particles from the drilling fluid to maintain the stability and performance of the drilling fluid. The following are the main functions of mud cleaners:

During the drilling process, solid particles will enter the well together with the drilling fluid, forming pollution. The mud cleaner uses the principle of cyclone separation, through the rotating flow of the liquid in the cyclone, the solid particles are separated by centrifugal force and gravity. Coarser particles settle to the bottom and are discharged, while finer particles rise up the cyclone for further purification.

Mud cleaner

By separating solid particles, the mud cleaner can also effectively control the solid phase content in the drilling fluid to ensure the performance and stability of the drilling fluid. Reducing the solid content can reduce the viscosity of the drilling fluid, improve the sand-carrying capacity, reduce the problems of wellbore collapse and wellbore instability, and ensure the smooth progress of drilling operations.

The drill bit will be in contact with the bottom hole cuttings during the drilling process, and the presence of too many solid particles will lead to increased wear of the drill bit and affect the life of the drill bit. The solid particles are effectively separated by the mud cleaner, which can reduce the contact between the drill bit and cuttings, prolong the service life of the drill bit and save costs.

The presence of solid particles will not only affect the life of the drill bit, but may also block pumps, pipelines and other equipment, causing equipment failure and increasing maintenance costs. The use of mud cleaners can effectively reduce the damage of solid particles to equipment and protect the integrity of drilling equipment.