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  • Why can't the filter chamber of the plate and frame filter press be sealed
    Plate and frame filter press is a kind of equipment that realizes the separation of solid and liquid in industrial production. It is used in chemical, ceramics, petroleum, medicine, food, smelting and other industries. It is also suitable for industrial filtration sewage treatment.First of all, t
  • What are the mud treatment options for cast-in-place piles
    Mud treatment plan for cast-in-place piles  1. Layout principle  The principle of economy makes full use of the existing terrain in the area where the project is located to transform it to save land and minimize the investment in temporary projects.Practicality principle  The site layout plann
  • How does mud purification in geothermal wells operate
    What is geothermal well mud? How is geothermal well mud purified? What are the characteristics of geothermal well mud? Geothermal well mud.....and so on. Today, the editor of HL Petroleum will give a brief introduction to you, geothermal well mud and what solids control equipment is needed for
  • What is the shield mud-water balance
    The mud water shield machine uses pressurized mud water or mud (usually bentonite suspension) to stabilize the excavation surface. On the back side of the cutter head of the mechanical shield, there is a sealed partition behind the cutter head to remove water, the muddy water made by mixing clay and
  • What does underbalanced drilling mean
    Underbalanced drilling refers to drilling deliberately when the formation pressure or pore pressure is greater than the gas column pressure generated by the annular drilling fluid column or gas column. In this respect, balanced drilling belongs to the category of underbalanced drilling, because duri