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Hammer Union


Using and working environment

Recommended for cement injection, fracturing, acidification, testing and plugging and killing pipeline connections. It can also be used for production, drilling and workover manifolds and pipeline connections, as well as steam systems and other system connections.

The mantissa is 2 type union, the general working temperature is -29℃~+80℃

 If it is used for acid gas such as H2S, the user should specify in advance to select a suitable sealing form and gasket.

Connection method

1. Union male connector and female connector

Put the sealing ring in the female head and hit the three claws of the compression nut with a hammer (clockwise to tighten, counterclockwise to loosen).

2. Welding connection of union male and female heads and hoses

The welding method is generally butt welding, and the electrode material should be similar to the Union base material during welding.

Align the axis of the union male and female head with the axis of the component to be connected. In case of heat-resistant parts, cool down or take out the heat-resistant parts in advance to avoid damage to the pipeline or sealing ring due to heat conduction due to welding. Wait for heat-resistant parts. After welding, air cooling should be used to reduce the stress of the welding part to avoid welding defects such as cracks.

Repair and maintenance 

1. If there is a leakage problem at the hose joint and the union thread connection, you can use a pipe wrench to tighten it again, or rewind the sealing tape to tighten.

2. Tighten the compression nut or replace the sealing ring when the union male and female heads leak.

3. When the joint is stored and not in use, anti-rust oil should be applied to the contact part of the thread and the male and female head to prevent rust from affecting the use. The high-pressure union sealing ring should be replaced with a new one if it has been stored for more than 1 year.