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LSB80 Vertical Slurry Pump

LSB80 vertical slurry pump
  • Small footprint
  • Efficient
  • Long service life
  • No blocking

The LSB series vertical slurry pump is a single-stage, single-suction cantilever structure. The hydraulic components of the pump are connected with a bearing seat, a supporting seat, and a connecting pipe. The impeller blade inlet extension is equipped with agitating blades. The main feature of the pump is that the pump shaft of the submerged part has sufficient rigidity. There is no bearing between the impeller and the pump casing, and no shaft seal is used. It can transport solids with a large concentration. Granular medium. The length of the pump inserted into the liquid is between 800-2000, and a suction pipe can be equipped if necessary. The shaft seal adopts a submerged pump to insert into the liquid to run. There is no shaft seal. The transmission is installed on the motor support seat by a vertical motor, and is connected to the pump by a coupling.

LSB80 slurry pump technical parameters:

LSB80-11 flow rate 80m3/h, head 21m, efficiency 53%, motor power 11kW

Installation of LSB80 vertical slurry pump:
Before assembling the pump, check the parts for defects that affect the assembly, and then assemble it after scrubbing.
1. The connecting bolts can be installed on the corresponding parts in advance;

2. O-rings, asbestos gaskets, oil seals, etc. can be placed on the corresponding parts in advance;

3. Install the rolling bearing on the shaft, and then install it in the suspension, close the gland, and compress the rolling bearing;
4. Put the shaft on the shaft, then install the pump cover on the frame, and then tighten the impeller, auxiliary casing, and auxiliary impeller to the shaft; finally install the above components into the pump body, and tighten the pump body and pump cover Connecting bolts on;
5. In the above assembly process, some small parts such as retaining ring, bushing O-ring, etc. are easy to be missed or installed in the wrong order, special attention should be paid;

6. The disassembly sequence of the pump body can basically be carried out in the opposite direction of the assembly sequence.

Vertical slurry pump pictures

1305599082_708048935_副本 IMG_20190429_091757

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