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How do you use a mud gun?

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How do you use a mud gun?

As a special equipment, the mud gun needs to be operated according to the design requirements to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

The choice of installation location is important, and it should be as close to the transmission source as possible to reduce the length of the input section and input loss. The connection also needs to be firm and reliable to avoid violent vibration, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the mud gun in use.

mud gun

When the mud gun is used, it is usually necessary to manually turn the handle to resuspend the solid phase deposited on the bottom of the mud tank in the drilling fluid, thereby preventing the solid phase from settling and maintaining the uniformity of the mud.

To keep your mud gun running properly and prolong its life, regular maintenance is required. According to the information provided, the mud gun needs to add about 10g of butter to the grease nozzle every three months.

If you need further information about the installation, use and maintenance of mud guns, it is recommended that you contact the after-sales service department of our company, and we will provide you with timely replies and supports.