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What are the functions and scope of use of the mud gun of solid control equipment

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HL HNQ mud gun is used to prevent solid phase precipitation in the corners of the mud tank and the suction ports of each pump.

At present, drilling fluid circulation tanks with rectangular structures are used at home and abroad, because such a system has better installation and migration performance. At the same time, in this case, no matter how clever the mud mixer is, there will still be a small amount of dead space in the large tank. In order to solve this problem, foreign countries install low-pressure hydraulic stirring pipelines with nozzles in large tanks, while domestically, mud guns (drilling fluid guns) installed on the top of the tank are used to stir those dead corners.

The installation of hydraulic stirring pipelines in the mud tank can eliminate the dead zone that cannot be stirred by mechanical agitators. However, due to the installation of a large number of hydraulic stirring pipelines in the vertical tank, it may not only destroy the convective flow state caused by the agitator, but also increase the power of the agitator. And it is very inconvenient to clean up the sand. Therefore, such pipelines have not been installed in the internal circulation tank.

According to research, the effective depth of the mud gun is only 1.5~2.7m, and its size is related to the density, viscosity and nozzle speed of the drilling fluid. The use of mud guns has certain limitations. The mud gun is an auxiliary tool of the mechanical stirring device. Only the mud gun cannot solve the suspension problem of the solid phase of the drilling fluid. The movable mud gun installed on the top of the tank needs to be adjusted at any time, and some dead spots are still difficult to eliminate. At the same time, the precipitated solid phase in the drilling fluid is sprayed by the mud gun, which is easy to form lumps, which block the cone drilling nozzle or cause damage to the drilling pump. These shortcomings limit the scope of use of mud guns.

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