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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Plate And Frame Filter Press

  • The filter plate has high strength and can withstand high filtration pressure
  • Long lasting
  • Fast filtering
  • Filter cake with low water content and fast discharge
  • Equipped with various safety devices

Filter press is a kind of equipment to realize the separation of solid and liquid in industrial     production. It is used in chemical, ceramics, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, smelting and  other industries. At present, the plate and frame diaphragm filter press is mainly used in the drilling field. Filter presses and drill cuttings dryers are both important equipment forprocessing drilling mud waste to achieve solid-liquid separation and dehydration.This equipment is mainly composed of a host, a vehicle-mounted workbench, a lowerhopper, a belt conveyor, a filtrate buffer tank, and an automatic control device. The main machine is composed of a frame, a filter plate, a quick-opening plate device, a hydraulic station, an automatic control cabinet, etc.

Plate And Frame Filter Press Pictures

filter pressfilter press

Plate And Frame Filter Press Parameters

Model HML40 HYL80 HYL200
filter  area(m²) 5~15 20~50 20~50
filter cubage(L) 0~13 0~13 0~13
plate amount 700 600 600
Motor(kw) 22 55 55
Dimension(mm) 2200X1690X2150 3420X2395X2620 3420X2395X2620
Weight(kg) 3500 8950 8950

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