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The main technical parameters of the HCSQ250 desander

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HCSQ250 desander is a secondary solid control equipment used in drilling fluid solid phase control system, it is a combination of cyclone desander and vibrating screen. The design of the cyclone desander is based on the principle of particle settling. A certain pressure and velocity are generated by the sand pump, and the separation medium (drilling fluid) is spirally entered along the inner wall of the cyclone. Inside the cyclone, the coarser particles spiral down along the inner wall of the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, and are discharged from the flow port at the bottom, and then fall on the fine-mesh vibrating screen below for further separation. The rest of the medium spirals up along the cyclone, and enters the desilter of the third-stage separation equipment from the overflow port for further purification.

The following are the main technical parameters of the HCSQ250 desander:

1. Cyclone diameter: φ250mm

The equipment is equipped with two cyclones with a diameter of 250 mm.

2. Number of cyclones: 2

There are two cyclones in the desander.

3. Inlet pipe diameter: φ150mm

The diameter of the liquid inlet pipe is 150 mm.

4. Diameter of overflow pipe: φ200mm

The diameter of the overflow pipe is 200 mm.

5. Separation particle size: 47~76μm

The device can effectively separate particles with diameters ranging from 47 μm to 76 μm.

6. Working pressure: 0.15-0.35Mpa

The equipment operates normally within the working pressure range of 0.15 to 0.35 MPa.

7. Maximum processing capacity: 200 m3/h

The maximum liquid flow that the equipment can handle is 200 cubic meters per hour.

8. Dimensions: 1500×1200×2000mm

The overall dimensions of the equipment are 1500 mm x 1200 mm x 2000 mm (length x width x height).

9. Weight: 800kg

The weight of the device is 800 kg.

HCSQ250 desander

HCSQ250 desander plays an important role in the drilling fluid solid phase control system. By separating and purifying the solid particles in the drilling fluid, it can ensure the performance and quality of the drilling fluid and ensure the stability and smooth progress of drilling operations.