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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Oil based Mud Treatment System

  • The oil based mud treatment system equipment adopts modular and skid-mounted design, which is easy to disassemble and move, and can be moved with the drilling crew
  • It solves the problem of secondary pollution and difficulty in recultivation caused by the land occupation of the mud pool
  • It realizes non-landing processing while drilling, and solves the dispersion and fluidity of drilling operations

The  oil-based  mud  drying  system  consists  of  high-speed  drilling  fluid  centrifuge  (with  screw pump),  cuttings  dryer  (also  cuttings  drying  machine,  and  drilling  cuttings  drying  machine),screw  conveyor,  cuttings  box,  etc

Oil based Mud Treatment System Pictures

Oil based Mud Treatment Systemcuttings non-falling system

Oil based Mud Treatment System Treatment Process

the  drilling  fluid  to  be  treated  is  transported  to  the  drill  cuttings  dryer,  the  liquid phase  after  treatment  is  transported  to  the  drilling  fluid  centrifuge  for  further processing,  and  the  treated  liquid  is  reinjected  into  the  mud  circulation  system.After  the  treatment  process,  the  waste  is  transported  to  the  cuttings  box.