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5 Inch Polyurethane Cyclone

5 Inch Polyurethane Cyclone

Polyurethane cyclone is a cyclone made of polyurethane elastomer. It has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high strength, light weight and long service life. The specifications of the polyurethane cyclone can be chosen between 10mm---610mm

Polyurethane cyclone features:

Using involute feeding method, the involute feeding method can minimize the turbulence caused by the sudden divergence when the fluid enters the cyclone, so that the movement of the fluid in the cyclone tends to be stable, thereby convert the kinetic energy into centrifugal force to the greatest extent, and improve the separation capacity of the cyclone.

Polyurethane cyclone features advantages:

Polyurethane cyclone has simple and light structure, strong processing capacity, low investment cost, low maintenance cost, small space occupation, easy installation and operation, easy replacement of wear parts, involute feed design, corrosion resistance and wear resistance powerful.

5 Inch Polyurethane Cyclone Pictures

http://jororwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/loBplKiklkSRmirjlijjin/17.jpg http://jororwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/llBplKiklkSRmirjlirjin/17.jpg
http://inrorwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/ljBplKiklkSRmirjlimiio/17.jpg http://inrorwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/lqBplKiklkSRmirjlikjin/17.jpg