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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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HYG Series Elevated Oil Tanks

  • Explosion-proof design, safe and durable
  • Automatic intelligent control of oiling, reducing labor costs
  • Optional heating device to adapt to extreme cold weather

HYG Elevated Diesel Tanks Introduction

HYG elevated diesel tanks, also known as explosion-proof diesel tanks and oil drilling rig diesel tanks, are important equipment, mainly used for diesel units and oil-fired boilers of drilling rigs. It provides the required diesel and acts as an ideal fuel supply and storage device. The elevated diesel tank has an explosion-proof function, which can effectively protect the safe operation of the oil drilling rig. It is designed so that diesel can be safely stored and supplied to the rig's engines and boilers. Elevated diesel tanks not only provide a steady supply of fuel, but also ensure fuel quality and safety. Therefore, the elevated diesel tank is widely used in the oil drilling rig industry and has become a common supporting equipment for drilling rigs. Whether on land or at sea, elevated diesel tanks play an important role in providing reliable energy support for the operation of drilling rigs.

HYG Elevated Diesel Tanks Pictures

Elevated Diesel Tank

Explosion-proof diesel tank

HYG Elevated Diesel Tanks Parameters

Model Main tank volume(m³) Elevated Tank Volume(m³) Oil pump power(kW) Dimensions(mm)
HYG103 10 3 3 7000×1800×2300
HYG204 20 4 4 8000×2200×2500
HYG305 30 5 5.5×2 9000×2800×3000
HYG355 35 5 5.5×2 10500×2800×3000
HYG405 40 5 7.5×2 12000×2800×3000

HYG Elevated Diesel Tanks Features

1. The design of this product meets the requirements of HSE, and the electrical equipment meets the power supply requirements of voltage 380V and frequency 50Hz.

2. Using explosion-proof circuit control, the explosion-proof grade is dⅡBT4

3. The air respirator is equipped with a fire-resistant breathing valve, which has high adaptability to explosion-proof, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion (paint), moisture-proof, high-temperature resistance and sand-proof.

4. The execution standard of painting conforms to SY/5308 "General Technical Conditions for Painting of Petroleum Drilling Machinery and Equipment Products".

HYG Elevated Diesel Tanks Application

The elevated diesel tanks produced by our company are designed and manufactured in accordance with the Q/HFD 005-2005 "Drilling Oil and Water Tanks" standard. Suitable for ambient temperature from -20 degrees to +50 degrees. With hoisting and hauling functions, it meets the requirements of road, railway and ocean transportation, and meets the needs of long-distance transportation and frequent handling by rig teams.

Xi'an HL Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of various types of oil tanks. The oil tanks we produce include elevated diesel tanks, diesel tanks, oil storage tanks, round diesel tanks, square diesel tanks and buried oil tanks, etc. All oil tanks adopt full explosion-proof design to ensure safety and durability. In addition, we also provide automatic intelligent oiling control system, which can effectively reduce labor costs. No matter which model it is, we can customize it according to customer needs.