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Jet Degasser

  • Water ring vacuum pump is used for suction,high suction efficiency
  • The separation umbrella is used to increase the liquid area
  • Floating ball structure to adjust the vacuum degree
  • The outlet adopts ejector to discharge,large mud handling capacity

In the oil drilling process, Jet degasser is one of the indispensable solid control equipment, the main components are composed of centrifugal pump and jet tank. The gas-invasion drilling fluid is centrifugally pumped to the spray tank, forming a high-speed thin layer in the tank and throwing it to the inner wall of the tank to promote gas rupture, separation and discharge. Small size, good effect.

Jet Degasser Pictures

drilling fluid degasser

Jet Degasser Parameters

Model HSCQ¹80 HSCQ240
Capacity 180m³/h(793gpm) 240m³/h(1057gpm)
Vacuum   Degree 0.02~0.04MPa(152~304mmHg) 0.03~0.05MPa(228~380mmHg)
Vacuum  Pump  Power 4kw 5.5kw
Motor  Speed 2890r/min 1450r/min
Separation Umbrella Area 63000cm²(9765in2) 92041cm²(14266in2)
Max Sucking Rate 1.83m³/min 1.83  m³/min
Mud-gas separation efficiency ≥92% ≥92%
Feeding centrifugal pump SB5*4 |30~37kwl SB6*5(45~55kw)

Jet Degasser Components

The main components of the jet degasser are composed of a centrifugal pump and a jet tank.

Jet Degasser Application-Solids Control System

Solids Control System

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