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What are the configuration requirements of HL Solids Control System

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The solids control system determines the equipment selected according to the drilling depth. The selection of equipment for the same well depth in different regions is also different, but not very different. Generally, we choose according to the model of the drilling rig, from ZJ20-ZJ90, under normal circumstances, the ZJ30 drilling rig only needs 3-level solid control equipment, namely: drilling fluid shaker, desander, and desilter.

Above ZJ30 are 5-level purification equipment: drilling fluid vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, drilling fluid centrifuge. Among them, the mud tank is the most indispensable carrier. The commonly used mud tank specifications are: 95000x2300x2100mm125000x2400x2300mm. The number of mud tanks is calculated according to the total volume of drilling mud, and the appropriate number and size are selected. The total volume of 20 drilling rig mud is about: 120m330 drilling rig: 240m340 drilling rig: 260m350 drilling rig: 320m370 drilling rig: 420m390 drilling rig: 540m3 The amount of circulating mud that needs to be processed is about 65% of the total volume. The treatment capacity of the solids control equipment at all levels can be selected to meet the circulating mud amount or slightly larger.


One of the principles of the equipment of the solid control system is basically these, and the specific ones are flexibly selected according to the model of the drilling rig or the requirements of the customer.

The main equipment in the solids control system will not change, namely 5-stage purification equipment, vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter centrifuge. The selection of equipment is flexibly selected according to different drilling rigs, and other auxiliary equipment is also indispensable. The desander and desilter must be powered by the sand pump one-to-one. The centrifuge can be supplied by a submerged slurry pump or a screw pump. . In the initial vibrating screen bin of the mud tank, there must be an agitator in addition to the gas bin (in principle, it is better to have a big one than a small one). Where there is an agitator, a mud gun must be provided, which can flush the dead corners of the tank and assist the start of the agitator. In addition, the jet mixing device in the solids control system is also indispensable. The jet mixing device can exist as a separate entity, or it can be directly connected with the tail end of the mixing tank. Connected by manifolds.