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Drilling Cuttings Box

Drilling cuttings boxes are generally two types of 25bbl and 15bbl.

Drilling cuttings box is also called rock debris box. Drilling cuttings box is mainly used in offshore drilling platform site cooperate with drilling cuttings recycling equipment in drilling cuttings recovery work, storage boxes, etc., so that the drilling waste to the handling or discharge location, the drilling cuttings box is a sealed container, to reduce the risk of leakage, can be stacked.

HZX Drilling Cuttings Box Pictures

drilling cuttings box

Drilling cuttings boxes play an important role at the drilling site. According to size specifications, there are generally two types of 25bbl and 15bbl. The 25bbl drilling cuttings box is suitable for loading high-density drilling fluid weighing up to 15t, while the 15bbl drilling cuttings box is prepared for when the crane cannot lift a large cuttings box with a weight of 7 to 10t. Although empty drilling cuttings boxes can be stacked, full ones cannot. For larger constructions, more than 3 sets of 25-30 cuttings boxes are required for each set. Therefore, the drilling site must be able to accommodate all the drilling cuttings boxes to ensure the smooth progress of the construction work.

HZX Drilling Cuttings Box Parameters

Body size: 2160 * 1234 * 1202.5 mm

Body weight: 900 kg

Work load: 8000 kg

Body volume: 2.3 cubic meters

Material: box body is made of Marine steel plate, door hinge, pin shaft rotational parts, such as and fixed kumar, the fixed foot adopts 316 stainless steel, etc.