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How to use mud hopper

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The mud hopper is generally combined with a sand pump to form a jet mixing device, or combined with a shear pump to form a shearing slurry mixing device. The mud hopper can also be used alone.

mud hopper

The jet mixing funnel and the cement mixing funnel used for cementing are basically the same in structure or principle. The drilling fluid mixing funnel is mainly composed of a nozzle, a mixing chamber, a venturi tube, a feeding hopper and a butterfly valve. The venturi tube is a hollow tube that gradually expands according to a certain curved surface. Its main function is to increase the shearing force of the liquid in the tube, so that the material can be better dispersed and the pressure of the mixed liquid, so as to enter the circulation tank.

After the jet funnel is mixed, the pressure loss is very large, so that the drilling fluid can be directly discharged into the drilling fluid tank after being mixed by the jet funnel. The funnel is usually installed on the top of the drilling fluid tank (that is, installed at a high position), so that the mixed drilling fluid is directly discharged into the drilling fluid tank without climbing.

The use of the mud funnel is not complicated, either in combination with a sand pump or a shear pump, or used alone. When used alone, the mixing funnel is generally installed on the top of the mud tank. Welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com if you have purchase request of mud funnel.