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Lever Type Subsea Valve

  • Durable
  • Subsea-compatible
  • Remotely operable
  • Offer precise flow control
  • Have reliable sealing
  • Meet industry standards for oilfield drilling operations.

The Lever Type Subsea Valve used in oilfield drilling operations is also known as a mud tank bottom valve. This valve is typically installed at the bottom of mud tanks in oilfield drilling operations to control the inflow and outflow of drilling mud.

The Lever Type Subsea Valve(Mud Tank Bottom Valve) is an essential valve device used in the mud management system of oilfield drilling. Its primary function is to regulate the flow of drilling mud between the mud tanks and other drilling equipment, including the injection, discharge, and transfer of mud.

Lever Type Subsea Valve Parameters

Model HDF150G HDF200G HDF250G HDF300G HDF350G
Outlet Dia. 6寸 8寸 10寸 12寸 14寸
Working pressure 1.1MPa 1.1MPa 1.1MPa 1.1MPa 1.1MPa
Outlet No. 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2
Valve Height 3050mm 3050mm 3050mm 3050mm 3050mm
Inlet depth 2138mm 2138mm 2138mm 2138mm 2138mm

Lever Type Subsea Valve Pictures

Subsea valve 01 Subsea valve 04
Lever Type Subsea Valve Mud Tank Bottom Valve

Lever Type Subsea Valve Using Site

Lever Type Subsea Valve

Lever Type Subsea Valve Features

1. Robust construction for durability in harsh drilling conditions.

2. Specifically designed for subsea applications, ensuring reliable performance underwater.

3. Remote operation capability for convenient control from a distance.

4. Precise flow control for optimizing fluid dynamics during drilling operations.

5. Reliable sealing mechanisms to prevent leakage and maintain well integrity.

6. Compliance with industry standards and regulations for safety and reliability.

In summary, Lever Type Subsea Valves are durable, subsea-compatible, remotely operable, offer precise flow control, have reliable sealing, and meet industry standards for oilfield drilling operations.