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LSB50 Wear-resistant Slurry Pump

LSB50 Wear-resistant Slurry Pump
  • Beautiful appearance, vertical structure as a whole, small floor space
  • High efficiency, the best streamlined design is adopted for the impeller and pump casing flow channel
  • Long service life, impeller and flow parts are made of highly wear-resistant materials
  • No clogging, with open impeller design
  • Work under liquid, no need to worry about leakage

The pump body, impeller, auxiliary impeller, auxiliary casing and auxiliary cover plate of LSB50 wear-resistant slurry pump are cast with medium manganese ductile iron MII, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance; the pump body structure also has an annular pressurized water chamber The advantages of the scroll-shaped water pressure chamber reduce the radial force on the impeller and reduce the buckling deformation of the pump shaft; it is with these characteristics that the vertical sand pump has high efficiency, reliable shaft seal and long service life features.

Technical parameters of LSB50 wear-resistant slurry pump:
LSB50-7.5 flow 60m3/h, head 18m, efficiency 48%, motor power 7.5kW
LSB50-5.5 flow 40m3/h, head 22m, efficiency 44%, motor power 5.5kW

Wear-resistant slurry pump pictures

1305599082_708048935 IMG_20190429_091757
IMG_20190430_094253 IMG_20190430_094231

Start, stop and transportation of slurry pump

1. Start:
(1) It should be determined whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and the rotation of the pump is flexible before connecting the pump;

(2) Close the gate on the spitting pipeline;

(3) Turn on the power, when the pump speed reaches the normal speed, gradually open the gate on the discharge pipeline and adjust to the required working conditions. When the gate on the discharge pipe is closed, the continuous working time of the pump shall not exceed 3 minutes;

2. Stop
(1) Gradually close the gate on the spitting pipeline and cut off the power supply;

(2) If the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the liquid in the pump should be drained to prevent the pump from being frozen and cracked.

(3) If it is used for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, cleaned, oiled and bandaged;

3. Operation

(1) During the start-up and operation, you must pay attention to the reading of the meter to check whether the bearing is hot, and the vibration and sound of the pump are normal; if an abnormal situation is found, it should be shut down in time for handling;

(2) The maximum bearing temperature is not more than 80℃, and the bearing temperature rise is not more than 40℃;

(3) The bearing box should be filled with lubricating oil. Check the oiling cup frequently and add oil in time.

Xi'an HL Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of pumps such as sand pumps, slurry pumps, shear pumps, spray pumps, etc. In addition, we can also customize according to user requirements, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com if you are interested in centrifugal pumps.