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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.
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  • Feedback on the field use effect of the solids control system of the 70ZJ drilling rig
    The 70ZJ drilling rig solid control system produced by our company performed very well at the customer's drilling site and received satisfactory feedback from the customer.First of all, the solid control system has strong stability and can effectively control solids in different types of wellbore
  • On-site effect of 70 drilling rig solids control system
    In February this year, our company issued a set of drilling fluid solid control system for 70 drilling rigs. Before May 1st, we received feedback from customers that the mud treatment effect is better. We plan to install another system from us. The manager of our company will personally go the co
  • Using site of HL mud agitators
    A customer ordered a batch of mud agitators in our company last month. Our company arranged for a return visit before the National Day. Today, the editor of Henglian arranged for everyone to arrange an effect drawing of the drilling fluid agitator on site during the return visit. Xi’an Henglian Petr
  • On-site use effect of lever type mud tank valve
    Subsea valve, lever type subsea valve, tank bottom valve, screw type subsea valve, bottom flow valve