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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Barite Recovery System

The BRS barite recovery system of HL Petroleum is an advanced petroleum drilling fluid purification and barite recovery and reuse system.
  • The design fully considers the processes of recovery devices such as mixing, stirring, dilution, and spraying to ensure maximum recovery efficiency.
  • Reasonable process design makes the operation process simple and ensures high reliability.
  • With powerful processing capacity, it can realize efficient barite recovery, thus bringing significant economic benefits.
  • Through the advantages of cost saving, it not only reduces operating costs, but also actively protects the environment and achieves sustainable development goals.

The BRS barite recovery system of Xi'an HL Petroleum is an advanced oil drilling fluid purification and barite recovery and reuse system, developed to meet the development needs of oil drilling solids control technology. Based on the ordinary barite recovery process, the system solves the centrifuge clogging problem caused by the high mud density in the drilling fluid barite recovery process, and solves the problem of barite agglomeration after recovery. The problem.

barite recovery system

The BRS barite recovery system is mainly composed of a frequency conversion high-speed centrifuge, a medium-speed centrifuge and a recovery device.

1. The medium-speed centrifuge is used to recover barite,

2. The high-speed centrifuge removes harmful solid phase substances.

The recovered barite is sent back to the drilling fluid circulation system through the injection device, which realizes recovery, mixing and utilization at the same time, thus effectively realizing the close integration of the entire circulation system.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the system, the BRS barite recovery system adopts a new type of frequency conversion centrifuge with strong adaptability and the ability to control the separation point. The system can handle mud densities up to 2.8g/cm3 and can recover barite with a particle size in the range of 7-75μm. The treatment capacity of weighted mud can reach 4m3 (2.8g/cm3) and 15m3 (1.8g/cm3) per hour, and the treatment capacity of non-weighted mud can reach 40m3 (1.3g/cm3) per hour.

The BRS barite recovery system developed by Xi'an HL Petroleum is not only suitable for the treatment of heavy mud, but also suitable for the treatment of non-weighted mud. This makes the system exhibit excellent adaptability and flexibility in various drilling projects.