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HYF Series Camping House

  • The corrugated board structure has excellent resistance to rain, snow, and wind and sand.
  • The wall adopts high-quality EPS insulation and sound insulation material as the interlayer, ensuring thermal insulation and soundproofing.
  • The interior is exquisitely and reasonably decorated with complete furnishings, electrical appliances, furniture, and office facilities.
  • The circuit design adopts a safe circuit with overload protection, leakage protection, and grounding wire, fully ensuring the personal safety of residents.
  • The roof and bottom of the walls are insulated, and the floor offers options such as plastic, wooden, and tiled flooring for customers to choose from.

HYF Series Camping House Introduction

HYF camping houses are essential living and accommodation facilities for outdoor construction teams. They are widely used in industries such as petroleum, drilling, oil extraction, geology, border trade, and highway construction. Made of corrugated steel plates, they are also known as corrugated camping houses or special camping houses. These camping houses are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to assemble, effectively ensuring the living and resting conditions of the personnel in the field. Whether in freezing winters or scorching summers, HYF camping houses provide a comfortable and safe living environment for the workers. They not only meet the basic living needs of the personnel but also improve work efficiency, allowing the projects to proceed smoothly. Therefore, HYF camping houses play a crucial role in outdoor construction.

HYF Series Camping House Pictures

HYF camping houses

HYF Series Camping House Features

1.Steel frame structure is adopted, ensuring high strength of the building.

2.The steel structure frame is welded, and the building is typically made by welding 2-3mm steel plates to the frame.

3.The overall layout of the building is reasonable, with auxiliary frames welded to form a solid and durable structure.

4.Lifting and transportation do not cause deformation.

5.The walls are constructed with a layer of glass wool sandwiched in between, ensuring insulation and soundproofing.

6.The interior walls, floors, and ceilings are beautifully and appropriately decorated.

7.The interior is equipped with electrical appliances, furniture, office facilities, and more.

Campsite houses have the following advantages: convenient transportation, high cost-effectiveness, sturdy and durable construction, excellent manufacturing, comprehensive functionality, reasonable layout, luxurious decoration, and user-friendly design. They are designed according to the principles of ergonomics, providing sufficient indoor space with harmonious color coordination. They are spacious, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and have good sealing properties, ensuring efficient insulation, rainproofing, and cold resistance.

HYF Series Camping House Material

1.The camping houses are constructed with welded corrugated steel plates on the outer Mongolian surface, providing durability, sealing, and excellent resistance to rain, snow, and sand.

2.The insulation layer is made of high-performance EPS insulation material, which works in conjunction with air conditioning units to provide insulation during winter and prevent heat during summer.

3.The electrical circuit design incorporates safety features such as overload protection, leakage protection, and ample grounding to ensure the personal safety of the occupants.

4.The walls of the camping houses are made of different materials such as wood panels, PVC panels, and color steel panels, depending on the customers' requirements for insulation and soundproofing.

5.Both the roof and floor of the walls are insulated, and customers can choose from options such as plastic, wooden, or ceramic tile flooring.

6.The camping houses are equipped with different lifting positions at the bottom and top. Additionally, they feature directly hinged pry-type bases, allowing for quick and convenient loading onto transport vehicles without the need for a crane, especially for vehicles equipped with winches.

7.The appearance of the camping house exteriors can be customized with different colors, based on customer preferences, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and stylish design.

8.The houses are treated with multiple anti-corrosion measures, ensuring a long lifespan. All decorative materials and interior configurations meet environmental requirements.

Facilities: The camping houses are fully equipped with elegant desks, chairs, wardrobes, and comfortable mattresses. Various facilities can be customized and provided based on user needs.