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F1600 Piston Assembly


The piston assembly is one of the main parts of the hydraulic end system of the mud pump, and it is also one of the vulnerable parts in the drilling work. The discharge pressure of the mud pump is generated by the reciprocating linear movement of the piston assembly in the piston. The piston assembly is composed of piston core, rubber, circlip, pressure plate, etc. The material of the piston core is 42CrMo, and the material of the piston rubber is nitrile rubber or polyurethane rubber

Material classification

1). Nitrile rubber

It is suitable for ordinary drilling working environment with working pressure below 20Mpa, and the working temperature is not higher than 120℃. Excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, long service life in ordinary drilling working environment

2). Polyurethane rubber

Has excellent oil resistance and wear resistance. The working temperature is not higher than 120℃, which is suitable for oil-based mud with working pressure below 35Mpa and working environment with high sand content.

3). Hydrogenated nitrile rubber

It is suitable for working environment with high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion. The working pressure is 75Mpa and the working temperature can reach 150℃. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is a kind of rubber used in aviation. Used in the petroleum industry, hydrogenated nitrile rubber has abrasion resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, and its amine resistance and steam resistance are good. Especially in the working environment of high temperature and high pressure, other rubbers are quickly destroyed under the action of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, steam and acid, but hydrogenated nitrile rubber shows good overall performance.


mud pump piston 02