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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Pneumatic Tire Union


Due to the problems of the manufacturing process, the pneumatic tires are inflated unevenly and cannot be swelled uniformly, resulting in short service life and easy leakage. After years of research, our company has made a molded rubber pneumatic tire, thoroughly solve these problems.


Pneumatic tire unions are widely used for low pressure, large diameter, large misalignment, and pipeline connections that require frequent disassembly. It is especially suitable for all low pressure and large diameter pipeline connections between mud tanks in the drilling solids control system of the petroleum industry. The relative positions of the mud tanks are different after each installation on site, and the dislocation changes greatly. Due to the superior performance of the pneumatic tire union, the large dislocation does not affect its connection and sealing of the pipeline. So as to meet the special requirements of on-site quick installation and disassembly. It is of great significance for reducing the physical labor of workers and shortening the period of well construction.

Product structure: steel shell. Pneumatic tire.

Working medium: drilling fluid (acid-base medium such as mud, oil, clean water).

Pneumatic tire union use notice: Maximum sealing pressure (fluid pressure in the pipeline): 0.4Mpa. Pneumatic tire recovery time after deflation: 1-3 seconds

The connecting pipeline can be made of glass steel pipe, or a hose with joints at both ends. The steel pipe is corrosion-resistant, easy to handle, and the hose can be bent.