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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Laminated Shale Shake

  • Can handle high solids content
  • Reduce the solid load on the fine screen cloth
  • Compact structure small foot print
  • Less wearing parts.Easy to maintain and lower running cost
  • A finer sieve cloth can be used

Laminated mud shale shaker is a set of shaker combination equipment specially designed to   deal with large particles and sticky mud in drilling fluid. Before the drilling fluid enters the fine screen cloth, a coarse-grade protective screen is installed to accept the drilling  fluid returning from the bell mouth, and to clean up sludge or larger particles.

Laminated Mud Shale Shaker PicturesLaminated Shale Shake

Laminated Mud Shale Shaker Parameters

Model HDZS6208 HDZS6312
Vibration Mode Linear Linear
Capacity 60L/S 80L/S
Screen Area 5.2m² 8.1m²
Screen Size 12×650×600mm 18×650×600mm
Motor Power 2×2.5KW 2×3.0KW
Deck Angle Range -1°~5° -1°~7°
Dimensions 3000×1800×1750 3000×1800×2550
Weight 2500kg 2800kg

Laminated Mud Shale Shaker Components

The laminated mud shale shaker consists of a single-layer shale shaker directly installed on a double-layer shale shaker, and this combination is especially effective in drilling applications on offshore platforms where every inch of land is precious.

Laminated Mud Shale Shaker Application  

drilling control system

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