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Vertical Drilling Cuttings Dryer

  • Flights and rotor assembly are balanced separately
  • Air knife benefits screen cleaning without blincking
  • The outlet can be equipped with a screw conveyor to facilitate the conveying of dry drill cuttings

The  Verticall  drilling cuttings  dryer  is  a  single-stage  continuous  working  vertical  scraper  unloading centrifuge. The Verticall cuttings dryer  mainly  uses centrifugal force to separate the oil-based  drill  cuttings  and  the  oil  and water  in  the  composite-base  drill  cuttings,  so  as  to achieve  the  purpose  of  reducing  harmful  substances  and  recovering  useful  drilling fluid.Vertical  cuttings  dryer  is  often  used  in the field  of environmentally friendly waste  mud treatment  in oilfields.  It can effectively  recover the oil content  in drill cuttings, can effectively achieve  solidification  and  transportation,  and  meet  the  requirements  of  environmental protection  regulations.  It  is  specially  used  to  treat  drill  cuttings  discharged  from  drilling  fluid shakers, suitable for oil based mud (OBM), Synthetic base mud (SBM).vertical drillings cutting dryer  

Drilling Cuttings Dryer models

Model HSG700 HSG100
Capacity(t/h) 5~15 20~50
Screen Max Dia(mm) 0~13 0~13
Rotation Speed(rpm) 700 600
Main Motor(kw) 22 55
Dimension(mm) 2200X1690X2150 3420X2395X2620
Weight(kg) 3500 8950

Drilling Cuttings Dryer Components

Screen basket, spiral discharge rotor, bell cover, cloth cone, transmission part, lubrication system

Drill cuttings dryer features

Drilling cuttings dryer is a device that uses centrifugal force to separate oil-based and composite-based drilling cuttings from their oil and water content. In this way, harmful substances can be reduced while useful drilling fluids can be recovered for reuse. The main features of this equipment are as follows:

1.High-speed rotation (up to 900RPM) generates centrifugal force of up to 420G, effectively separating liquid components from drilling cuttings.

2.The discharge scraper is made of high-chromium cast iron and has a long service life.

3.The equipment is equipped with a high-pressure air knife, which can effectively prevent the screen basket from clogging.

4.Each replaceable part has been dynamically balanced to ensure the overall balance of the equipment after replacement.

5.The equipment has an independent oil circuit cooling system and a scientific oil tank cooling system, which can meet the requirements of use in high-temperature environments.

6.The discharge port can be equipped with a spiral conveyor for easy transportation of dried drilling cuttings and continuous operation of the equipment.

7.The equipment is equipped with a German Netzsch screw pump for cleaning the dryer, preventing accumulation and blockage of solid materials.

In summary, a drilling cuttings dryer is an efficient device that separates liquid components from drilling cuttings, thereby reducing the content of harmful substances and recovering useful drilling fluids. The equipment has various features such as high-speed rotation, long service life, anti-clogging, and good balance, which can meet the requirements of use in different environments.

Drilling Cuttings Dryer Application

Application industries of the drilling cuttings dryer include onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling, coalbed methane excavation, non-excavation directional crossing, pile driving engineering, and projects involving the treatment of waste water and mud slurry.

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