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Water Based Mud Treatment System

Mud treatment system, divided into water-based mud treatment system and oil-based mud treatment system, this time mainly introduces water-based mud treatment system
  • Drainage, mud unloading, overpressure protection, mud cake conveying and loading functions are realized automatically
  • The equipment adopts modular and skid-mounted design, which is easy to disassemble and move, and can move with the well team, realizes the non-grounding treatment while drilling, and adapts to the dispersion and mobility of drilling operationscan collect drilling wastes such as drilling cuttings, silt, waste mud, completion fluid, etc. discharged by drilling equipment


Water-based mud treatment system composition
The water-based mud treatment system is composed of conveying equipment, mud automatic filter press separation equipment, mud cake conveyor, sewage automatic discharge equipment, lifting equipment, electrical automatic control equipment, etc.

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Application fields of water-based mud treatment system
Widely used in oil and gas exploration drilling, coalbed methane drilling, shale drilling engineering, trenchless engineering, shield tunneling, pipe jacking engineering, river dredging engineering, subway tunnel construction, construction piling, oilfield drilling waste treatment, waste sludge The treatment of drilling fluid, oil-based mud and water-based mud, and environmental protection treatment of fracturing reverse fluid.

The advantages of water-based mud treatment system
There is no need to dig mud pools, no need to lay anti-seepage cloth in the mud pools, and no leakage will cause immeasurable pollution problems to the surrounding environment.