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Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank

  • large volume
  • Acid and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to move in the car
  • U-shaped bottom for easy cleaning
  • High structural strength of corrugated board

Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank Introduction

A fracturing fluid storage tank is a container used to store and transport fracturing fluid. In oil fields and natural gas extraction, fracturing fluid is injected into the wellhead, and the rock is cracked by high pressure to release oil and gas resources. Fracturing fluid storage tanks usually have a large capacity and can store a large amount of fracturing fluid to meet the needs of the operation. These tanks are generally made of special materials with acid and corrosion resistance to ensure long-term use in harsh working environments. The fracturing fluid storage tank also has a mobile and vehicle-mounted design for flexible transportation at different work sites. In addition, the bottom of the tank usually adopts a U-shaped design, which is convenient for cleaning and discharging waste liquid. On the whole, fracturing fluid storage tanks are crucial equipment in the process of oil field and natural gas extraction, used to store and transport fracturing fluids, and promote the extraction of oil and gas resources.

Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank Pictures

Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank

Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank Parameters and Components

A: Tanks

1. volume and warehouse: total volume of 70.5 cubic (according to the customer need to customize), warehouse structure.

2. tank type: at the bottom of the V type, all round for the wavy, at the top of the tablet. 3. tank material: Q235B carbon steel material, wall thickness 5 mm.

4. head: both ends for wavy, wall thickness 6 mm.

5. washboard: wavy, wall thickness 4 mm, each with 500 mm diameter manhole, a total of 4.

B: Piping and components

1. manhole cover: 3 sets of fast installation open manhole, a central mounted on the roof, an installation, at the end of the roof of a front mounted on the roof.

2. pipe: the tail of a feed pipe, tank before 8 inch tube, with 4 4 "fast connection.

3. level gauge: front installation of tank level gauge

4. antistatic device: with antistatic device, telescopic guyed electrostatic plate;Install conducting electrostatic belt in the tail.

C: Tank accessories

1. the roof walkway: tank top electrode shape, central antiskid galvanized steel mesh.

2. side protective device: at the bottom of the tank welding steel channel side protection. 

3. after the protective device: made of channel steel.

4. escalators, central on the right side of tank made of steel staircase.

D: Frame of a car

1, traction pin: 50 # traction pin (specialty)

2, semi-trailer frame: 16 mn material girder

3, semi-trailer axle: single axle suspension, the 13 - ton fuhua axle 1 root.

4, wheels and tires: 4 sets of 12 r22. 5 fengshen vacuum tire and zhengxing rims. (optional other models)

5, electrical lines: 24 v voltage system, seven pinhole socket is installed on the front plate of tank.

E: Tanks surface coating and figure

1. coating paint types: two anti-rust primer, paint.

2. paint color: tanks and accessories are all green.

Fracturing Fluid Storage Tank Features

1.High Pressure Capability: Fracturing fluid storage tanks are typically able to withstand high pressures to meet the demands of frac operations.

2.Large capacity: The fracturing fluid storage tank usually has a large capacity and can store a large amount of fracturing fluid to meet the needs of the operation.

3.Corrosion resistance: Frac fluid storage tanks are typically constructed of corrosion-resistant materials that resist the chemicals and corrosion in the frac fluid.

4.Safety: Fracturing fluid storage tanks usually have leak-proof and explosion-proof designs to ensure safety during storage and transportation.

5.Mobility: Fracturing fluid storage tanks are usually movable and can be easily transported to the job site to meet the needs of different locations.

6.Ease of operation: Fracturing fluid storage tanks are often equipped with operating and control equipment that allows the operator to easily perform operations such as level monitoring, pressurization and discharge.