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All equipment produced by Henglian Petroleum has undergone strict inspections and overloaded operation tests before leaving the factory.


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Centrifugal Degasser

  • Vertical installation, small footprint
  • Vacuum pump pumping, high separation efficiency
  • Low power and low noise

Centrifugal degasser is composed of motor, air extractor, reduction box and so on. It is a relatively new equipment to separate gas by using the principle of centrifuge separation. Centrifugal degassers are currently used on drilling platforms. The processing capacity and separation efficiency of the degasser are the main indicators to measure the performance of the equipment.

Centrifugal Degasser Pictures

Centrifugal Degasser Components

Model HLCQ240 HLCQ300
Capacity 240m³/h 300m³/h
Vacuum Degree 0.02~0.04Mpa 0.03~0.05Mpa
Main Motor Power llkw 18.5kw
Mud-gas separation efficiency ≥85% ≥85%
Power supply 380V、50Hz、3Ph 380V、50Hz、3Ph
Weight 900kg 1100kg
Dimensions 2741*1185*1105mm 3570*1280*1000mm

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