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5 Sets Of HLD150 Mixing Hopper Delivered To Sichuan

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On April 15, Xi’an HL Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. delivered 5 slurry mixing hoppers to Sichuan, and the details of the products are as follows:

Mixing hopper:

The mixing hopper is mainly composed of nozzle, mixing chamber, venturi tube, feeding hopper and butterfly valve. When installing the drilling fluid hopper, we usually install the hopper on the top of the drilling fluid tank, that is, high installation. This is to make the mixed drilling fluid directly into the drilling fluid tank without climbing.

mixing hopper

mud jet hopper

mud jet hopper

After each use of the hopper, the solid material inside the hopper cavity and the butterfly valve seal must be flushed to prevent the hopper from clogging and the butterfly valve sealing is not tight. After cleaning is complete, close the butterfly valve.

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