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Why need to remove drill cuttings in drilling fluid

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Why need to remove drill cuttings in drilling fluid?

The cuttings produced by the drill bit and the rocks dropped from the formation are accurately called drill cuttings. Generally speaking, the phenomenon that drill cuttings increase the solid content of the drilling fluid will not appear quickly, and its hazards will have a certain process, and the economic impact will not be shown to us quickly, so many People do not believe that drill cuttings can harm the drilling fluid to the extent that they actually cause damage. Drill cuttings will increase drilling costs, damage the reservoir, and increase the cost of drilling fluids. Therefore, drill cuttings are interrelated with the following special issues:

1. Filtrate damages the reservoir

2. Limited drilling speed

3. Complex underground

4. Stuck

5. Lost circulation

6. Direct drilling fluid cost

7. Increase in processing costs

The economic impact of drill cuttings on drilling is very subtle. The increase in drill cuttings content will not immediately lead to drilling disasters. The negative effects of drill cuttings are real. Recognizing this fact and properly handling drill cuttings on the ground will help reduce drilling costs.

A good solid phase removal process starts with the drill bit. Drill cuttings should be removed from the bottom of the well before the next drill bit’s cutting teeth break the rock. These cuttings should be carried to the ground as soon as possible and removed as much as possible. After the cuttings reach the ground, there must be complete equipment to deal with the solid phase in the drilling fluid. , and the processing procedure must be correct.

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