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What is the role of the vibrating screen

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Vibrating screen is a conventional equipment used to separate solid phase from circulating drilling fluid. There are many types of vibrating screens. Commonly used are:

(1) The drilling fluid flows on a square or rectangular screen cloth;

(2) The drilling fluid flows along the center of the rotating, non-vibrating cylindrical screen cloth;

(3) The drilling fluid flows from the center to the surroundings on the circular screen cloth.

Vibrating screen

Although vibrating screens of other shapes have been tried, they have not been commercialized. Most of the vibrating screens use rectangular screen cloth, the large solid phase is removed at the bottom of the vibration, and the small solid phase flows through the screen surface and enters the circulation system together with the drilling fluid. The solids larger than 74μm in the drilling fluid are not good for the performance of the drilling fluid. API 200 mesh (74µm) vibrating screen is formulated on this basis. Only 3% of the weighted materials that meet the API classification standards have a particle size greater than 74µm. The mesh size of the screen cloth is greater than 74µm. Under this size, most of the barite will be removed from the drilling fluid, which will seriously affect the performance of the drilling fluid and the cost of drilling.

Vibrating screen is the most important and the earliest equipment used for solid phase removal, and it plays a very important role in the solids control system. It is the first line of defense after drilling fluid returns to the surface from the wellbore, and generally has a greater impact on costs. However, if a damaged screen cloth is used, the drilling fluid has not passed through the screen cloth, the screen cloth mesh is selected incorrectly or partially damaged, it will cause the subsequent solids control system to fail to operate normally.

The vibrating screen is suitable for any type of drilling fluid. The selection of the screen cloth is determined by the circulation speed, the structure of the vibrating screen, the properties of the wellbore, the performance of the drilling fluid and other factors.

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