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A brief introduction to the cyclone

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Cyclone is used in desander, desilter, mud cleaner and mud purification device. So it seems that the cyclone is more important, so today we will introduce the cyclone in summary.

The cyclone is a simple and easy-to-maintain mechanical device with no moving parts. Separation is achieved by converting power input, or energy into the pulp into the centrifugal force inside the centrifugal cone. Centrifugal force acts on the drilling fluid to quickly separate the drill cuttings and other solid phases, which obeys Stokes' law.

In some formations, the cobalt cuttings produced during drilling are too fine, and the cobalt well fluid vibrating screen cannot remove the cuttings, and the cyclone must be used to remove most of these particles. At this time, the drilling fluid vibrating screen prevents oversized particles from entering the cyclone and causing blockage, thereby protecting the cyclone.


The designed cyclone must provide the maximum solid phase removal with the smallest liquid phase loss, and enough cyclones should be installed in parallel to treat all the cobalt well fluid entering the cobalt well fluid tank system.

Compared with drilling fluid shaker and centrifuge, the discharge of cyclone is wet discharge. The underflow density alone cannot give a good indication of the working conditions of the centrifugal cone, because the fine particles adhere to more liquid, and the final drilling fluid density is lower than the coarse particles.

As the solid phase content increases, the separation efficiency decreases and the size of the separable particles increases.

The cyclone should meet the following requirements: simple design; no moving parts; easy maintenance; strong separation ability.

The cyclone has the following disadvantages:

Can't carry out ultra-fine separation; Can't deal with flocculated material It is impractical to de-sand or de-sludge a drilling fluid containing a large amount of barite. Silt and barite have approximately the same size level.

The above is an overview introduction to the cyclone. Xi'an HL specializes in the production of desander, desilter, and mud cleaner. Our company can customize it according to the special needs of customers. If you have purchase requirements, please consult us.