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What are the effects of gas intrusion on drilling fluid vibrating screens

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What are the effects of gas intrusion on drilling fluid vibrating screens?

(1) The upward channeling of gas can cause the volume of drilling fluid to fluctuate, thereby exceeding the ability of the vibrating screen to handle the flow of drilling fluid. This is mainly because the gas mixed in the drilling fluid rapidly expands on the surface, causing the drilling fluid to fluctuate hugely out of the overflow pipe. Drilling fluid-gas separator and gas separator can solve this problem.

(2) The presence of tiny bubbles in the drilling fluid is the main sign of air intrusion. When the bubbles expand to fill the gaps between the metal wires of the screen cloth, the bubbles may "paste" the screen cloth. This problem can usually be solved by removing the mixed gas from the drilling fluid by a degassing device.

(3) Foam related to air intrusion will leave a light and wet foam film on the vibrating screen cloth. These foams are too light to pass through the screen cloth under gravity, and carry extra drilling fluid to the bottom of the vibrating screen. The loss of drilling fluid is usually not obvious enough to be ignored. In general, vibrating screen spray and defoaming agent can also be used to break the foam. However, when a large amount of drill cuttings pass through the screen, they are often washed with spray.

The fourth problem has nothing to do with gas. It is because the viscosity of drilling fluid increases sharply due to salt water or salt intrusion. This may cause the drilling fluid to "run out" and fail to pass through the vibrating screen. This usually requires the contaminated drilling fluid to be bypassed into the storage tank.

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