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How to remove solid phase in drilling fluid in oil drilling(1)

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Different density drilling fluids adopt different solid phase control methods to maintain the drilling cuttings of the drilling fluid within an acceptable concentration range. For low-density drilling fluid, it is only necessary to dilute and use simple mechanical separation equipment. On the contrary, high-density drilling fluids may require more complicated treatment methods: (1) Use chemical treatment agents to limit the dispersion of drill cuttings (for example: use shale inhibitors or deflocculants like lignosulfonates); (2) Use newly configured glue fluid to continuously dilute the drilling fluid; (3) Use more complex solid phase removal equipment, such as drilling fluid cleaners and centrifuges. In either case, removing solids is one of the most important aspects of drilling fluid system control, because it is directly related to the improvement of drilling efficiency and is also an important factor in reducing the total cost of drilling.

Although it is necessary or even ideal to dilute the drilling fluid with clean water in some cases, only relying on the dilution method to control the accumulation of drill cuttings in the drilling fluid will cost more. As the density of the drilling fluid increases, the allowable amount of drill cuttings in the drilling fluid gradually decreases. If the increased cost of the drilling fluid due to dilution (ignoring the downhole loss) is equal to the cost of the drilling fluid itself plus the cost of processing the drilling fluid The dilution cost is generally very high. If this considerable investment is used to purchase solids control equipment, the economic benefits will be better.

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