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Shipment Of Xi'an HL Mud Mixer And Jet Mixing Hopper

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The production of Xi'an HL Mud Mixer and Jet Mixing Hopper was completed and sent to He Nan after passing the inspection.

The mud mixer model shipped this time is HJB150-15. This type of mud agitator is often used in the oil drilling industry to stir the mud in the tank.

In the oil drilling industry, the most commonly used mud mixer models are: HJB150-7.5 and HJB150-15.

shipment of mud agitator

The jet mixing hopper is one of the necessary equipment when processing mud, mainly used for mixing medicines, feeding materials, etc.

shipment of mud hopper

Xi'an HL Mud Mixer uses explosion-proof motor combination, which is suitable for working in harsh outdoor conditions. It can also be equipped with a non-explosion-proof motor slurry agitator according to customer needs.