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What is the working principle of the drilling fluid cleaner

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The mud cleaner is also called the integrated desander and desander. The mud cleaner is a three- and four-stage solids control equipment. Therefore, the mud cleaner plays a connecting role in the entire drilling fluid solids control system, and provides a guarantee for the better and more efficient operation of the centrifuge.

After the heavier drilling fluid passes through the vibrating screen, desander and desilter, the size of the cuttings removed will decrease in turn. Because some solid particles are relatively small, they will still be present in the drilling fluid.

While the cyclone is used to remove the solid-free phase from the weighted drilling fluid, there is still a considerable amount of barite in the underflow. The fine-mesh sieve flowing down the cyclone removes large particles of cuttings, and the barite passes through the sieve and returns to the circulation tank. This is the basic principle of the drilling fluid cleaner.

Before the advent of the drilling fluid cleaner system, after the weighted drilling fluid passed through the vibrating screen, the centrifuge could remove the finer solid particles. The centrifuge is the only mechanical purification equipment in use.

In recent years, the linear vibrating screen or the translational elliptical vibrating screen has been installed with ultra-fine screens, and its mesh number has reached 100-325 mesh. Field practice has proved that there is no special difficulty in using a 150-mesh screen on the drilling fluid vibrating screen. If the front-stage drilling fluid vibrating screen has used a screen of 150 mesh (the cleaner passes through the underflow screen), it is not necessary to use the cleaner after heavier drilling fluid, and the desilter is still needed in the non-heavy drilling fluid.

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