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How to choose an environmentally friendly and energy-saving mud purifier?

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How to choose an environmentally friendly and energy-saving mud purifier?

As the world attaches great importance to the development of the environmental protection industry, the discharge of sand-making sludge wastewater has become a major source of pollution to the environment. If it is directly discharged without any treatment, it will cause adverse effects on the soil and rivers. The mud purifier can effectively solve these problems.

Mud purifiers have been widely used in mine wastewater treatment. How to choose a mud purifier must be determined according to the characteristics of the mine sludge. The targeted optimization design of the mud purifier makes the mud purifier fully suitable for mine sludge dewatering.

Choosing a mud purifier should be based on product advantages:

1. The main body of the mud purification machine is made of high-quality steel, and the main shaft adopts a full welding process. Although the processing cost increases, it can greatly extend the service life.

2. The operation is simple and the degree of automation is high, which can realize unmanned operation 24 hours a day. Environmental protection and energy saving, reducing operating costs.

3. The mud purifier has a self-cleaning function, the daily maintenance time is short, and the maintenance is very simple. There is no need to wash with a lot of water, which is a waste of resources.

4. It occupies a small space, which facilitates the maintenance and replacement of sludge treatment equipment, and does not require civil construction, which saves construction investment costs.

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Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good mud purification device, and do not affect the quality judgment because of the price. A good mud purification machine has a high price, and its performance and quality are equally excellent.