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2 Sets Of 18.5kw Mud Agitators Delivery

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Yesterday, 2 sets of 18.5kw shaft-connected mud agitators were sent to the oilfield in Sichuan province.

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The agitator is a very important supporting equipment for the drilling fluid solids control system. Its purpose is to stir the drilling fluid in the drilling fluid tank to ensure that the useful solid phase in the drilling fluid is evenly suspended in the drilling fluid. 

Drill cuttings are the main component of the harmful solid phase. To remove the harmful solid phase, they must be suspended and then injected into the de-sander, desilter and centrifuge.

 Useful solid phases, such as various weighting materials (hematite powder, barite powder) and a small amount of bentonite, also need to be suspended to keep the density and other properties of the drilling fluid stable.

Precautions for the use of agitator

Before starting the stirrer, adjust the power connection so that the rotation direction of the stirrer is consistent with the rotation direction mark on the shield.

Usually, when the agitator leaves the factory, no oil is added to the reducer for the convenience of transportation.

 Before starting, be sure to fill a sufficient amount of lubricating oil into the reducer according to the requirements of the manual. Usually add N320 extreme pressure gear oil to the center line of the oil mark in the reducer.

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