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40 Sets Of 15KW Mud Agitators Were Sent To Henan Province

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40 sets of 15KW mud agitators were sent to Henan Province

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Recently, a customer in Henan has customized 40 sets of mud agitators in our company. Our company has completed the processing according to the customer's requirements.

mud agitatormud agitator

The agitator must be firmly installed on a beam with sufficient rigidity on the top surface of the drilling fluid, and a vibration damping pad must be added when necessary to prevent vibration during the operation of the agitator.

The distance between the stirring impeller and the bottom of the drilling fluid tank is usually 250~400mm.

When the mixing impeller shaft is long, in order to prevent the yaw of the impeller shaft when the agitator is working, a centralizing mechanism should be added at the bottom of the drilling fluid tank.

The connection between the mixing impeller shaft and the reducer should be firm and reliable.