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What are the operations of a centrifuge

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What are the operations of the drilling fluid centrifuge?

The operation of the drilling fluid centrifuge generally includes start-up operation and shutdown operation. Then the start-up operation and shutdown operation are the same. Today, the editor of HL will give you a brief introduction.

1. Start operation

1). Turn on the main power switch.

2). Open the clean water valve first, soak the drum with clean water for a period of time, and then turn on the auxiliary machine.

3). Start the auxiliary machine and check whether the motor is running abnormally. The main motor can be started after 30 seconds of normal operation.

4). Start the host, pay attention to observe the operation of the centrifuge, if there is any abnormal situation, press the stop button immediately, and check the cause after stopping.

5). After the main engine is running at full speed, start the fluid supply pump and observe the centrifuge sand discharge. If the sand content in the drilling fluid is too large and the centrifuge discharges a lot of sand, it should be properly divided to reduce the working load of the centrifuge.

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2. Shutdown operation

1). Turn off the liquid supply pump motor and stop supplying liquid to the centrifuge.

2). Close the ball valve on the liquid inlet pipe, and open the flush valve on the liquid inlet pipe and the tank. The flushing time shall not be less than 10 minutes.

3). Turn off the host and close the water supply valve.

4). After the drum completely stops rotating, stop the auxiliary machine and turn off the main power supply.

These steps above need our attention when operating the drilling fluid centrifuge, if you want to purchase centrifuge, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com.