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What are the requirements for explosion-proof motors used in oil drilling mixers

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In oil exploitation, mud needs to be processed. We generally use mud agitators for mixing mud. The accessories of mud agitators mainly include explosion-proof motorsand WPS series reducers. So what are the general requirements for explosion-proof motors in terms of design? The editor of HL will give you an introduction.

1. The main problems in the design

(1) Under the harsh environment and high temperature conditions of oil field drilling, the motor must have sufficient temperature rise performance and withstand frequent starting working conditions.

(2) The insulation result of the windings of the motor adapts to the hot and humid environment.

(3) The motor is resistant to shock and vibration.

(4) The motors have different speeds, which are suitable for mud changes and processing capabilities.

(5) The motor has high safety and reliability.

2. The main problems and approaches to be solved

Because the power of the flameproof vibration source three-phase asynchronous motor is limited to a small range, the size and structure are also restricted, the unit volume loss generated during operation increases, the temperature rises, the heat dissipation capacity is poor, and it is required to produce The largest excitation force, so the design for the above problems, especially the electromagnetic design, has been optimized, and the parameters have been selected reasonably. 

In order to improve the starting performance and overload capacity of the motor, and reduce its starting current and heat loss, the electromagnetic design and structure design that are conducive to the heat dissipation of the motor are carried out. In terms of material selection, the strength and insulation results of the shell are strengthened, the higher requirements of the use environmental conditions on the motor are resolved, and the safety and reliability of the motor during use are fully guaranteed.

3. The main performance of the explosion-proof motor

(1). The insulation of the winding

The motor adopts an H-class insulation structure, and measures are taken to prevent the stator windings and lead wires from rubbing against each other and causing relative displacement to damage the insulation and cause the stator windings to be damaged. The magnet wire is made of polyester-imide enamelled round copper wire, each coil end has a PST tape half-drop package, and the winding end is bound and sealed. VPI dipping and drying are carried out as a whole to fully ensure that the insulating varnish liquid fills all the gaps of the stator windings to make it a whole. 

Afterwards, the windings and end lead wires are encapsulated with epoxy resin to make the entire winding more stable, with good moisture-proof and thermal stability, and prevent the motor from being between the coil and the coil and between the lead and the lead during operation Insulation damage caused by relative movement.

(2). Calculation of exciting force and determination of eccentric mass

Under normal circumstances, the excitation force of each explosion-proof vibration source three-phase asynchronous motor is determined according to the excitation force required by the vibrating screen and the number of motors equipped (in general, two). The mass of the eccentric block is determined according to the magnitude of the exciting force, the speed of the motor, and the eccentric distance of the eccentric block. 

After the mass of the eccentric block is determined, the geometric shape of the eccentric block is designed, and after correction, the final excitation force is determined. In the actual application process, the frequency converter can also be used to adjust the speed of the vibration motor to obtain the required vibration frequency and excitation force.

(3). Motor overheat protection

In order to prevent the motor from overheating due to the covering of mud debris on the surface during use, thermal protection elements are embedded in the stator winding. A platinum thermal resistance Pt100 is embedded in the stator windings and bearings, and a temperature relay temperature measuring element is required for temperature monitoring during use, so as to achieve the purpose of overheating and overtemperature protection.

Explosion-proof motor is very important, it is an important part of solids control equipment. Mud vibrating screen, sand pump, mud agitator and desilter, desilter and other solids control equipment, all use motors. Xi an HL Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. The solid control equipment produced by the company uses explosion-proof motors. The above is about some design and performance problems of explosion-proof motors. If you want to know more about solid control equipment, welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com