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Vertical Mud Agitator

Vertical Mud Agitator
  • Multiple usage
  • Steel frame, strong and durable
  • Small size, saving transportation cost

HJBL series vertical mud agitator is mainly used for deep mixing and mixing in the mixing tank. The mixing shaft is longer than 1 meter and equipped with a stainless steel base to ensure that the mixer runs stably and does not shake during the mixing process.

Vertical mud agitator can be widely used in chemical industry (fine chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and daily chemicals), environmental protection (sewage treatment), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, metallurgy, food, heat treatment cooling, leather processing and other industries.

Impeller form of HJBL series vertical mud agitator:

According to the size of the vertical mud agitator and the depth of the mud tank, a double-impeller and single-impeller mixing rod can be made.

http://jororwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/lqBplKiklkSRmijjponmiq/1615968410.jpg http://jororwxhokmjll5p.ldycdn.com/cloud/ljBplKiklkSRmijjmorpiq/1615972855.jpg
Features of HJBL series vertical mud agitator:
1. Energy saving: Equipped with energy-saving impeller, which can save energy by more than 30% than ordinary impellers;
2. Reliable: the steel frame is equipped with a high-quality brand geared motor with excellent performance, and the specific anti-corrosion material or anti-corrosion surface treatment is designed and used according to the actual working conditions;
3. Easy to use, easy to adjust the position: the clamping mechanism is adjustable, which can be clamped both horizontally and vertically;
4. HL petro has self-developed computer selection software for mixers. It only needs to input some working condition parameters and technical requirements to determine the technical parameters of the mixer required by the customer, which is very practical and reliable.