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Mud funnel manufacturer-Xi'an HL Petroleum Equipment

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Mud funnel manufacturers? What are the Chinese mud funnel manufacturers? Xi'an HL Petroleum Equipment. specializes in the production of mud mixing funnels, including jet mud funnels, swirling mud funnels, movable funnels, and each type of mud funnel has a variety of models.

mud hopper

To prepare or increase the total amount of drilling fluid, change the density, viscosity and water loss of the drilling fluid, etc., it is necessary to put the drilling fluid materials (bentonite, barite powder) and the corresponding chemical additives (polymers, etc.) into the circulating tank, but if put them directly, then will cause a large amount of precipitation or lumps, and it will not be well mixed. Therefore, a mixing device is required. The mixing funnel is set up for adding these materials.

The mixing funnel can be divided into jet mixing funnel and swirl mixing funnel according to its mixing principle. The jet mixing funnel is designed according to the jet principle; the swirl mixing funnel is designed according to the centrifugal swirl mixing principle. The jet mixing funnel is used more on site, which can also be mixed with drilling pumps. Therefore, it can be applied to medium-pressure operations. The swirl mixing funnel can only be used for low-pressure mixing.

What are the manufacturers of mud funnel in China? Choose Xi'an HL to buy mud funnels in China, which is worthy of your trust! Welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlsolidscontrol.com if you have purchase request of mud mixing funnel.