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The steps to install a mud vibrating screen

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The steps to install a mud vibrating screen are as follows:

1.Place the mud tank on a flat and clean surface to ensure no external factors affect the performance of the vibrating screen.

2.Use positioning blocks to confirm the position and distance of the vibrating screen, ensuring accurate installation.

3.Install the vibrating screen onto the mud tank, ensuring a secure installation.

4.Ensure there is an opening on the top of the slot where the vibrating screen is located, sized to accommodate the clean mud after processing.

5.During transportation or transfer, avoid installing the screen mesh on the screen box to prevent damage from collisions that may affect its use.

6.Ensure the transportation locking device is always tightly closed to prevent damage to the vibrating screen during transportation.

7.After installation is complete, remove the transportation locking device to ensure normal operation of the vibrating screen.

8.During installation, it is essential to read the installation manual and follow the relevant constraints to complete the installation.

mud vibrating screen

Please note that the above steps are general installation instructions, and specific operating procedures may vary depending on the brand and model of the vibrating screen. Therefore, before installation, it is important to thoroughly read the product's installation manual and follow the instructions provided.