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What are the advantages of the balanced elliptical vibrating screen

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When the balanced elliptical vibrating screen is working, the screen box moves on a balanced elliptical track.

The basic requirement of the drilling process for the vibrating screen is not only to recover the drilling fluid as much as possible, but also to remove the harmful solid phase as much as possible; this requires: First, in order to process the volume and recover the drilling fluid, the solid phase on the screen surface should be discharged as soon as possible Go; second, in order to reduce the wear of the screen, the solid particles should not slip on the screen surface; third, the critical particles stuck in the mesh should easily pass through the mesh or jump off the screen surface. In order to meet the above requirements, the vibrating screen should cause the solid particles to project on the screen surface, but the acceleration of the particles along the screen surface should not be too large, as long as the particles can overcome the adhesion, friction and surface between it and the drilling fluid. The tension is separated, allowing the drilling fluid to flow through the net smoothly. Excessive normal acceleration of the screen surface will increase the impact of the particles on the screen when the particles fall, so that part of the particle clusters will be crushed and increase the penetration rate. At the same time, the shorter the solid-phase particles stay on the full length of the screen and the fewer the number of beatings, the lower the penetration rate of the particles.

The drilling fluid processing capacity of the linear vibrating screen is larger than that of the circular vibrating screen. Generally, the processing capacity of the linear vibrating screen is 20%~30% larger than that of the circular vibrating screen under the same other conditions.

The circular vibrating screen is equipped with a rotating acceleration vector device, the drilling fluid on the screen surface is very easy to disperse, and the possibility of blocking the screen holes is small. But the circular motion and the throwing angle are steep, and the material conveying speed is low.

The translational elliptical vibrating screen combines the basic advantages of a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen. As far as the vibrating screen is concerned, the “long axis” of the ellipse is the component that strengthens the drilling cuttings, and the “short axis” can reduce the amount of drilling fluid that will be screened. Possibility of hole clogging.

So above we have compared the advantages and disadvantages of linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen and translational elliptical vibrating screen. You can choose the vibrating screen that suits you according to your own construction requirements. It is not the best one, but the best one. Your own is good, Welcome to send inquiry to us: sales@hlslolidscontrol.com if you want to get more information on vibrating screen.