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What are the mud treatment options for cast-in-place piles

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  Mud treatment plan for cast-in-place piles

  1. Layout principle

  The principle of economy makes full use of the existing terrain in the area where the project is located to transform it to save land and minimize the investment in temporary projects.

  Practicality principle

  The site layout planning and design are as close as possible to the construction site, which is practical and convenient without repeated construction to ensure the efficient use of various facilities.

  Convenient management principle

  Facilitate construction management to facilitate the deployment of labor, machinery, equipment, and materials, which helps reduce construction interference and is beneficial to the construction of civilized construction sites.

  Security principle

  The layout of the site will comply with the laws, regulations and requirements related to safe production, labor protection, fire prevention, and flood prevention, which will facilitate the effective implementation of safety measures and be beneficial to safety relief.

  Environmental protection principle

  The relevant local construction environmental data obtained from the field survey combined with the requirements of the local environmental protection department are conducive to environmental protection and soil and water conservation to minimize the adverse impact on the environment.

  2. Circulation tank and slurry storage tank setting

  According to the actual situation of the construction site, design the layout of the mud pool on site. Each mud tank is divided into a circulation tank and a mud channel is set in the middle of the mud storage tank. The circulating pool is connected to the mud tank for drilling of the pile machine and the mud is circulated between the drilling of the pile machine and the circulating pool.

  3. Outward transportation of mud

  Mud transportation uses pipes along the river to pump the mud to a special mud transportation

  ferry. The mud ship adopts a fully enclosed tank transport ship. The carrier has slurry inlets on the top and bottom of the tank

  And the discharge port. The mud is pumped into the mud tank through the mud pump, and the mud inlet is closed and transported.

  The waste slurry is transported to the designated location and discharged through the slurry outlet. The sealing of the tank ship is better to prevent pollution during mud transportation.

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