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How does mud purification in geothermal wells operate

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What is geothermal well mud? How is geothermal well mud purified? What are the characteristics of geothermal well mud? Geothermal well mud.....and so on. Today, the editor of HL Petroleum will give a brief introduction to you, geothermal well mud and what solids control equipment is needed for purification?

Geothermal well mud has the following characteristics:

1) Control blowout: not suitable for using high-density mud

2) Mud treatment agent: Due to the high temperature of the geothermal well, the mud treatment agent should be guaranteed to be above 150°C to maintain stable mud performance.

3) Heavy metal preparations: it is strictly prohibited to use to prevent environmental pollution.

4) Fine solid phase particles: ensure that the content of solid phase particles is the lowest value.

5) Mud treatment equipment: must be equipped with solid phase control equipment

Requirements for the mud use system of geothermal wells:

1) Conventional mud is used for drilling into the surface overburden.

2) Use low-solid mud from the bottom of the surface to above the thermal reservoir.

3) High-quality mud is used for drilling through hot water type thermal reservoirs, low-end bentonite mud is used for well temperatures below 200°C; sepiolite mud is used for well temperatures greater than 200°C.

In accordance with the above-mentioned characteristics and use requirements of geothermal well mud, the most important principle of geothermal well mud treatment is to meet the temperature resistance requirements of the mud.

The equipment of the geothermal well mud solids control treatment system includes: mud shaker, cyclone desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifuge, sand pump, shear pump, submerged slurry pump, mud agitator, jet mud mixing devices, mud guns, grit tanks, purification tanks and other equipment, as well as integrated 120 cubic meters, 240 cubic meters and other geothermal well mud solids control systems. Through the treatment of geothermal well mud solids control equipment, the solid content in the mud can be effectively controlled, the solid particles in the mud can be controlled below 5 μm to 15 μm, and the life of the mud pump and drilling rig can be prolonged, and the drilling speed can be increased.

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