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What are the characteristics of trenchless mud treatment

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Mud is equivalent to human blood in the construction of horizontal directional drilling, and it is the key to the success of the project. Technical parameters in mud preparation and control: Density, viscosity, water loss, shear force, thixotropy, solid content, etc., directly affect its effect. Mud cleans the bottom wall of the well to form tough mud cake, well wall cooling and lubrication of the drill bit expander , carry cuttings, reduce alternating stress. Therefore, the mud work must be put on the important agenda of the directional drilling work.

Working characteristics of directional drilling mud:

(1) About 15-30 meters above the ground, it is basically working at normal temperature and pressure.

(2) The geological conditions are mostly easy to leak and collapse, and the horizontal holes are long and irregular, and the abrasion resistance is large.

(3) The displacement is small, the borehole is large, and it is difficult to carry sand under the condition of ultra-low flow rate.

(4) Crossing is mostly in rivers and water network areas, which can easily cause pollution.

Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically use the mud system and the well-configured mud treatment and purification system according to the needs of construction to ensure the mud's sand-carrying capacity and prevent the wellbore from collapsing, thereby reducing repeated cutting and precipitation of cuttings; increasing the lubrication effect to achieve the purpose of reducing the drag force.