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HMM mud mixing system

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HMM mud mixing system is a special equipment used to prepare mixing mud, which plays an important role in geological drilling, oil drilling and trenchless pipeline construction and other fields. The HMM mud mixing system adopts the principle of jet mixing and impeller mixing, which can fully mix the mud in a short time, and each preparation process only takes 15 minutes to complete.

HMM mud mixing system

One of the characteristics of the HMM mud mixing system is that the mixing effect is sufficient. Through the dual functions of jet stirring and impeller stirring, the system can quickly and fully mix the mud of different components to ensure the preparation of high-quality stirring mud. At the same time, due to the fast stirring speed, the system can improve production efficiency and save time and labor costs.

The HMM mud mixing system produced by Xi'an HL Petroleum consists of multiple mud tanks, each tank has an agitator. These tanks are connected in parallel through rubber hoses, and can also be used separately through valves. This design makes the system more flexible, and different tanks can be selected for mixing according to needs. In addition, the jet mixing device is connected to one of the mud tanks, and the mud can be sucked from any tank, mixed and then discharged into other tanks. The final configured mud is input to the drilling rig for recycling through the mud pump, ensuring continuous drilling operations.

HMM mud mixing system has a wide range of applications. In geological drilling, the preparation and mixing of mud is a key step to ensure the smooth operation of drilling operations, and this system can efficiently meet this demand. In oil drilling, the mud mixing system can be used to prepare different types and properties of mud to meet various geological conditions and drilling requirements. In the non-excavation pipeline construction, the preparation function of the HMM mud mixing system can meet the special needs of different pipeline construction processes and ensure the smooth progress of the construction.