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Precautions for using electronic igniters?

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Precautions for using electronic igniters?Electronic igniters are crucial equipment used in the oilfield drilling industry. To ensure their proper functioning and safe usage, it is important to observe the following precautions:

Precautions for using electronic igniters

1. Never activate the ignition switch when the high-voltage ignition cable is not connected to the ignition conductor rod to avoid any potential accidents.

2. The output power supply of the combination electric cabinet should only be connected to the specific ignition device and must not be used for other purposes.

3. The ignition conductor rod contains high-frequency ceramic components, which should be handled with care during installation. Avoid throwing, bending, or crushing the conductor rod to prevent damage to its internal structure.

4. During the ignition process, the front end of the conductor rod should produce "pop, pop, pop, pop, ..." explosive sounds. Any lack of sound or other anomalies should be regarded as a malfunction in the igniter.

5. When the voltage gauge of the combination electric cabinet indicates a drop in voltage to 10.4V-11V, the battery should be promptly recharged to ensure the proper power supply for the igniter.

6. The internal battery of the ignition controller continuously discharges to maintain working voltage. Charging the battery becomes difficult once it reaches 0V, so it is essential to maintain the battery charge to avoid disruptions in the equipment's operation.

7. When connecting the circuits, use hand tightening only and avoid using excessive force tools to prevent loose connections or damage to circuit components.

By adhering to these precautions, the safe and stable operation of electronic igniters can be ensured, enhancing the efficiency and quality of drilling operations. Additionally, performing regular maintenance and inspections, as well as promptly addressing any potential issues, is crucial for the long-term stable operation of the igniters.